Magnolia Hearth and Hand Fall Line

Hello Friends!

It’s over halfway through September, which means fall will be here before we know it! Fall is by far my favorite season. I love the crisp air, going to pumpkin patches and apple orchards, and bonfires and flannels.

The Magnolia line at Target comes out with a new line of products each season. They just recently launched their fall line and I can’t wait to show you my favorite picks! A lot of it is kitchen and tableware, which makes sense because fall is usually considered a season for gathering. Enjoy and grab some of these picks for your home! Click on the picture for the link.

53465785  53282477  5335347853373064  53367268  53358421_Alt0153349175  53358364_Alt01  53353479  53397664  Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 9.57.20 PM  5328346953284999_Alt01  53288096  53282828_Alt01  53367973_Alt01  53439948_Alt01  53295883

I love all the touches of blue! It’s kind of non-traditional for fall, but I like it! I hope this was enough fall inspo for you!!

Have a great Monday!


Toho 528 Reveal

Hey y’all!

Classes started on Tuesday, which means a new school year is officially in swing. This is my last semester!! I still can’t believe that.

This year the same group of six girls from last year are living in an on-campus townhouse. It’s similar to the lodges that we lived in last year, but it’s two-story. As always, I had a blast decorating it and I can’t wait to share it with you! Let’s get started.

Unlike the lodges, the townhouse’s entry is on the outside, rather than on the inside like a hotel. Unfortunately, there isn’t a peep hole in the door. Instead there is a long, skinny window next to the door. However, nobody wants people to be able to see in their house all the time, so most people end up covering it. I found some paper with a shiplap design on it at Hobby Lobby, so I covered the window with that! I also purchased this super cute doormat from Walmart for only $8!! What a steal! The RA made the sign on the door.

The outside of our townhouse
I’m obsessed with our doormat!!
The shiplap-styled paper I put over the window

When you first enter the townhouse, the stairs are directly in front, with the living room and kitchen off to the left. Our living room is slightly smaller than last year, but it’s still a pretty good size. We have a similar set up with the couches and coffee table and end tables with the TV on the opposite wall. I put up the DIY drop cloth curtains on the window. If you want to know how I made them, click here.

The DIY mail/key organizer I made a while back. I put a faux plant, cotton stem and vintage book on the shelf
Couch against the wall with tissue paper tassels on twine


Coffee table, vignette and letter board
I used yellows in the vignette to give it a summery vibe
Side table/bookshelf


Olive bucket with faux lamb’s ear and cotton stems
A sign I painted at Cut and Paste back home
Other end table. I plan to put my blanket ladder in this corner as well. I forgot it at home.
I’ve since added a blue mason jar with flowers here as well.
TV stand area with some cotton stems and a topiary on a wooden stool
The other couch area. You can see the DIY drop cloth curtains here

Directly off the living room is the kitchen. There is pretty minimal decor in here since it’s so small and we have a lot of appliances we need counter space for. However, there is one of my favorite tea towels on the oven door and the “Fresh Baked Pies Served Daily” sign from World Market is hanging above the sink. Of course I have my Hearth and Hand by Magnolia cream and sugar cellars by my Keurig. Off of the kitchen is the washer and dryer. There isn’t really any decor in there, but you could easily hang some signs on the wall if you wanted. Hobby Lobby usually has a great selection of laundry signs.

Such a cute tea towel
These are plant printables from the Magnolia website. It’s hanging on the wall between the kitchen and living room. There’s also a pantry on this wall.
I love this sign!!
My Keurig with cream and sugar cellars from the Hearth and Hand line at Target
Kitchen table
My picket fence napkin holder sits here.
The oh-so-fancy laundry room

Mine and my roommate’s room is upstairs. This year each room gets their own bathroom, and we each get our own individual closet. Last year four of us had to share a bathroom, so that is a really nice change. I hung my “Get Naked” sign again, as well as the “Let’s Roll” sign my friend gave me. My decor for the bedroom is basically the same as every other year. I like to keep my room the same and change out the decor in other areas of the house like the living room.

This architectural arch hangs at the top of the stairs. I got it from a Vintage Market Days this summer
This simple banner hangs between the two bathrooms upstairs
This mini cotton wreath hangs on the door to our bathroom



This easy DIY wreath hangs on the door to our bedroom
My bed area. I hung lights with little white flowers on them and attached pictures with clothespins
My desk area


I’m really excited for my final semester and the memories it will bring. Thanks for stopping by!



IMG_8706 IMG_8708

Gotta have a first day of classes picture!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday y’all!

It’s been a while since I did a Friday Favorites! Today I want to share with you some things I’ve been loving lately.

First up are these baskets from JoAnn’s Fabrics. I have been looking for baskets like these for a while that weren’t going to break the bank. I think these were originally $17.99, but I got them for $14.99. These are perfect for hiding items that may not necessarily be the prettiest. Right now I have one in the bathroom holding bathroom items and one in the living room holding DVDs and games.


Another thing I’ve been loving lately is this vintage-looking mailbox. This has been an item on my decor wishlist for a while. Most of the time they run anywhere from $50-$100; just outrageous. I got this at Michael’s for $24 (with a coupon of course.) It isn’t super heavy and it can hold items too! I’m still trying to find a place to display it, because for whatever reason command strips don’t want to stick to the walls of the townhouse. I plan to have flowers coming out of the box.


I’ve also been loving this grey ticking stripe pillow cover from TwistedBobbinDesigns on Etsy. I also bought a “Hello Fall” that hasn’t come in yet from craftKave on Etsy. I got the inserts from Amazon. Keep in mind when it comes to inserts and covers, you always want to buy the insert a size bigger than the cover. This will create a fuller look and ensure there are no droopy corners. I bought a 20×20 insert for 18×18 covers.



Next is this throw from Michael’s. This blanket is the softest thing that will touch your body. It was originally almost $40, but I got it for 40% off. It’s neutral design will ensure that it goes with every season and any decor theme. I also liked this blanket.


So soft!
It goes perfectly with the pillow!

Something else I’ve been loving lately is this adorable tea towel. I got it from Kentucky Branded back home, but you can also buy it straight from Dishique’s website. They also have mint julep and bourbon ones for my Kentucky folks. Check out the rest of their designs here.

How cute is this?!


Last but not least is a shop I recently discovered. I stumbled upon Love Grows Wild Market when I was looking at Antique Candle Works website under the stores that sell their candles. Love Grows Wild is located in Kokomo, Indiana; about 30 minutes from where I go to school. It’s on the second floor of an antique store called The Original Treasure Mart. I initially thought it was a whole store; but it’s actually a booth in the antique shop. The owner, Liz Fourez, is the author of the popular book, A Touch of Farmhouse Charm. She also has her own blog. There were a plethora of items for sale, including many kitchen items. I absolutely loved everything in the booth! Her book is definitely on my Christmas list. If you are near Kokomo I would highly recommend visiting Love Grows Wild Market!

Ahhhh! So beautiful!
Antique Candle Works fall scents. My favorite was fall harvest!
I was obsessed with all the kitchenware
I was obsessed with all the kitchenware


Build your own fall bouquet


There was also another booth in the antique shop that I loved called Hidden Possibilities Market. Everything in both of these booths were 100% speaking my language. I will definitely be back!


Hand painted wall scrolls
How freaking adorable is all of this?!
When friends take unsuspecting pictures of you. And I was in heaven!

That’s all for this Friday Favorites! Have a great weekend 🙂


Easiest DIY Greenery Wreath

Hey y’all!

If you remember from last year, I made a post about a DIY floral wreath. It was good for a year, but I wasn’t loving it anymore. I wanted something that was more neutral and could be styled just about anywhere.

One of my favorite bloggers, Sarah at Little Vintage Nest, made a post about the easiest DIY wreath ever and I wanted to do something similar with a greenery garland! I found one at Hobby Lobby for $20 and with a 40% off coupon, it was even cheaper!


I kept the same grapevine base from the last wreath and just removed the flowers from it. This was so easy y’all. You literally just wrap the garland around the wreath base and secure it in few places with floral wire.


There was a little extra garland after I had wrapped it around once, so I cut off the extra and made little sprigs to fill in some places that were still a little bare. And that’s it! I told you it was easy. And it can go just about anywhere because of its neutral nature.


Once I got to school, I added this sign from Michael’s. I think it was the perfect touch to finish the look.


Have a great Saturday y’all!


Destiny Rescue Jewelry Party

Hi friends!

This past Sunday I hosted a jewelry party on behalf of an organization called Destiny Rescue. Their mission is to save young girls from the sex trade. Once girls are rescued, they are brought into a home with other survivors and taught skills such as jewelry making. I became an advocate for Destiny Rescue two years ago when they came to my school and spoke in chapel. As an advocate, one way to help support Destiny Rescue’s efforts is through hosting a jewelry party. I hosted a party last year and wanted to do the same this year! You can read about last year’s party here.






The whole process is super easy and requires very minimal work for the host. Just email a rep here and they send you a ton of jewelry and all the materials free of charge! The host’s job is to make food/desserts and invite people. Once the party is over, you send back all the unsold jewelry and all the proceeds. Super easy!

The box they send you with all the materials!


For the desserts I made some similar ones to last year: dessert kebabs, buckeyes, fruit pizza, chocolate chip cookies and raspberry lemonade sherbet punch. They were all delicious!


I had six people come to the party this year (triple my attendance from my first year!) so I was happy with the turnout. I’m thankful to have such amazing friends that support me!

All the jewelry!

You have a week or two after your party until you have to send back the jewelry, so even if some people weren’t able to make the party, they can still buy something!

Check out Destiny Rescue’s two websites! (The first one is the link to their shop, which has some of the same jewelry that I had available, if you’d like to purchase them online or you can donate on their main website.)

Again, thank you so much to everybody who prayed for this event and invested financially. Your support is going to help so many young girls be rescued and introduced to the unconditional love of Christ.




Farmhouse Style Outdoor Spaces

Hello lovelies!! Happy Friday 🙂

Home decor isn’t just limited to within the home; it belongs outside too! Don’t neglect your outdoor spaces. Today I’m going to be showing you how you can fix up your outdoor spaces to be just as cozy as indoors.

The easiest way to do this is with patio furniture. Obviously since this is outdoors, you want furniture made with weather-proof material. Wicker is pretty common with weather resistant cushions. Here are some beautiful examples:

How gorgeous is this?! I love the neutral colors with pops of greenery. A geometric rug make the space feel that much more cozy.
I love the portable fireplace here; perfect for any summer night!
Since this a covered outdoor space, you can put more “decor” things here. I love the string lights!
This outdoor furniture is made from stacked pallets! How easy and affordable!

When it comes to actual decor, unless it’s going to be covered by an awning of some sort, it’s best to be pretty minimal here. You don’t want to have to scramble outside every time bad weather rolls in to save your decor. Here is some inspiration for your outdoor spaces:

I absolutely love this! It’s very festive while not being too bright. You don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of new items to accomplish this either.
If you have an extra table or cubby lying around, this is a great idea to put it to good use!
How cute is this for the front of the house?!
A porch swing is a great way to add coziness to the outdoors. The ticking stripe pillows add the perfect farmhouse touch.
This gorgeous antique church pew is perfect for a front porch! You can add new items to it depending on the season, allowing it to stay out year-round.

I hope y’all enjoyed all these outdoor spaces as much as I did! Now go out and create the perfect outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of.

Have a fantastic weekend,


Magnolia Hearth and Hand Summer Line

Can y’all believe it’s already July??? I can’t! It seems as if my summer is slipping away and I do not like that at all!

With every season, Joanna Gaines comes out with new items for her Hearth and Hand Line at Target. Today I’m going to be sharing my favorites from the summer line! Click on each picture to be taken to the link.

52701653_Alt02   53130298   53053792

52689302   52641802   53043539

53053870   53190671   53129680_Alt01

53140766   53197660   53160511

Isn’t it all so wonderful?! Go check out the website to see the rest of the new line!

Have a great Wednesday y’all!


Hilton Head Girls Trip!

Hi Friends!

Let me tell you, the last few weeks have been a complete whirlwind!! My wonderful friend, Emily, asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding on June 2nd in Chicago so I spent a few days there for that. She also asked me to be in charge of all the decorations, which was a complete honor. I enjoyed every single minute of it. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your big day and congratulations Sean and Emily!

The beautiful bride, Emily!

Unfortunately, I had to leave the reception a little bit early because my friends, Sabrina and Betsy and I had planned a trip to Hilton Head, SC and we had planned to leave the day after the wedding. I left the wedding around 8:30pm and arrived in Lexington around 4:30am, where Sabrina, Betsy and I left for Hilton Head immediately. I attempted to sleep as much as I could while Sabrina drove the first leg of the trip, but I didn’t get much rest. It’s about a nine hour drive from Lexington, but it took us about 10 hours with stops.

We chose to rent an Airbnb to help save some money. When looking for Airbnbs to rent, be sure to check the reviews, photos and amenities offered. Our host was very nice and easy to communicate with. We had an extremely good experience and would highly recommend going this route for your next vacation!

Our Airbnb was located inside a private beach and tennis resort. The ocean was just a short walk away! Since we had our own full kitchen, we chose to make our own breakfast and lunch meals. We bought nonperishable groceries before we left and went grocery shopping for perishable items once we arrived on the island. We had bacon or sausage, eggs and donuts each morning for breakfast and PB&J sandwiches with chips and fresh fruit for lunch each day. We chose to go out to eat each night for dinner.

The kitchen of our Airbnb

Shortly after we arrived on Sunday, we went to the beach to relax after a long car ride. After soaking up some sun, it was time for a shower and dinner. We were going to go to a restaurant called A Lowcountry Backyard, but they were closed on Sunday. We looked up another place called Crazy Crab and headed that way, but when we got there it said they were closed for renovations! So we tried one final place called Chow Daddy’s. I ordered grilled chicken tacos with avocado and they were delicious! Sabrina got fried chicken tacos and Betsy got a chicken sandwich with pimento cheese.

Right when we got to the beach!
My grilled chicken tacos with avocado
Sabrina’s fried chicken tacos
Betsy’s chicken sandwich with pimento cheese

After dinner, we came back and watched a movie for the remainder of the night. Well, Sabrina and Betsy did. I passed out because I had literally been awake for almost 40 straight hours from the wedding and driving.

After a good night’s sleep, we ate breakfast and headed straight to the beach. We had packed lunches to eat there as well. Everyone knows that when you go to the beach, sand gets everywhere. One way to help minimize this is by taking a fitted sheet and setting up four objects in the corners. It creates a “boat-like” sheet to sit on, keeping most of the sand out. Another great tip to get sand off your body is applying baby powder to the sandy site. While we were sitting on the beach, a man was fishing and caught a baby shark! He eventually released it, but it kept us out of the water for a while. We also saw some jellyfish in the water as well.

Fitted sheet trick

After cleaning up, we headed to The Salty Dog Cafe for dinner. The restaurant is located inside a private resort so you have to pay $6 for a daily pass. We arrived around 6:15 and there was an hour and 45 minute wait. However, we were okay with waiting because we really wanted to eat there. However, the wait really was not that bad because there are so many shops and things to do nearby. The hostess gets your phone number and they text you when your table is ready. They had a little convenience store in one of the shops so we bought a snack to help hold us over until we ate. We also went to the famous Salty Dog T-shirt Factory. I bought a purple t-shirt and teal koozie. Sabrina bought a navy hat, and Betsy bought a blue t-shirt. We only ended up waiting an hour for our table, so that was nice. We got seated by a huge window inside that looked out to the water; it was beautiful.


The view from our table

The Salty Dog is known for their seafood, which Sabrina and I aren’t huge fans of, but they do have other food as well. I was planning on getting the “Jake-zilla” burger, but I saw a picture of it in a catalog and there was no way I could eat all of that; it was ginormous!! So I ordered the kid’s version, “puppy-zilla.” It was still extremely big, especially for a kid’s meal, but I ate the whole thing because I was so hungry. It was so so good. It was a burger with pulled pork, onion rings, bacon and pimento cheese, topped with a pickle spear and hush puppy. I got fresh fruit as my side. Betsy got island-style shrimp and Sabrina got hush puppies and fresh fruit. After eating, we walked around Harbour Town and headed back to the Airbnb for an early bedtime because we planned to watch the sunrise the next morning.

My “puppyzilla” burger. It was still huge!
Betsy’s island-style shrimp with rice and vegetables


The lighthouse at Harbour Town

5:45am came awfully early, but the view was so worth it. There were so many jellyfish washed up on shore; it was crazy. After walking along the beach for a while, we headed back to the room to eat breakfast.

Beautiful sunrise
Jellyfish that had washed up on the shore

We went back to the beach until lunch time and then ate back at the room and explored some of the shops around the island. There was this super cute shop called Branches that had some home decor items as well as a flower shop. They even sold macarons! It was definitely my kind of place. Y’all know I gotta get my home decor fix, even while on vacation.



We were dead tired from being up so early so we went back to the room for a short nap before dinner. We chose to go to A Lowcountry Backyard for dinner and let me tell you, this please is AMAZING!!! Not only the food, but the over-all atmosphere is fantastic as well. The environment is just like the name suggests: a backyard. They have indoor and outdoor seating, but the outdoor is under a giant umbrella with string lights. The ground is covered in mulch and you sit at picnic tables and chairs. There is even a little spot where families can play games. A live performer plays music during your meal as well. It is so darn cute!

The huge umbrella that covers the outdoor seating area
The live performer
The game area
Cute little area to sit while waiting to be seated

We all shared an appetizer of pimento cheese with flatbread and tortilla chips. Y’all. I don’t know what it is, but South Carolina is obsessed with pimento cheese. Literally every restaurant we went to had pimento cheese somewhere on the menu. It was sooo good!! For our main meals, Sabrina and I ordered their homemade meatloaf (made with potato chips instead of bread crumbs) and Betsy ordered a crab cake sandwich. Our food and overall experience was so fantastic that we decided we were going to eat there the next night too.

The meatloaf Sabrina and I got
Crab cake sandwich Betsy got

After our bellies were full, we decided to play a round of putt putt golf. When we got there it was pretty crowded. We had to wait to take our turn on the first couple holes, but after a while it wasn’t bad at all. I did terrible; scoring a 71 on a 56 par. Betsy got a 62 and Sabrina won with a 58! We headed back to the room for a good night’s sleep before another full day at the beach.

Our last full day at the beach was definitely an interesting one! We were out in the water when all of a sudden I heard a little boy scream. I turned to look in his direction and I saw a SHARK in the water about 20 feet away from us!! Okay, it wasn’t a full-size, jaws-type shark; it was a baby. However, it was still probably 3 feet long and very close to us, so we high-tailed it out of the water. The shark was probably less than 10 feet from the shore and we were deeper than that. The lifeguard said that they had seen another one about 50 yards from the shore, which was probably the mom. Needless to say that definitely kept us out of the water for a while! It was a little scary, but also exciting for sure! We enjoyed a nice lunch on the beach while soaking up as much sun as possible. Maybe a little too much, because we all got burnt, despite using five bottles of sunscreen the whole trip!

After we got cleaned up, we headed back to A Lowcountry Backyard for our second meal there. This time we got to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. We all loved the pimento cheese appetizer so much that we all got our own with all flatbread instead of tortilla chips. We were in HEAVEN. It’s so good y’all I can’t say enough about it. We each ordered a side to go with it as well. Betsy and I got side salads and Sabrina got a fruit cup. They are also famous for their banana pudding so we each got our own and it was BOMB. We were so happy. If y’all ever go to Hilton Head, you HAVE to eat here!! 10/10 highly recommend.

Our individual pimento cheese appetizers
Our delicious banana pudding

Earlier that morning I noticed that I couldn’t find my Salty Dog t-shirt or koozie anywhere. We searched the Airbnb and my car and it was nowhere to be found. So I called the restaurant to see if I somehow accidentally left it there. After a little bit of waiting they told me they had it!! I was so happy. So after we ate dinner we headed back to Salty Dog to go get it. Yes, we had to pay the $6 to get in again, but I didn’t care at that point because I got my shirt and koozie.


We headed straight to the beach to see the beautiful sunset. We took a few pictures and some people walking by were kind enough to take a picture of all three of us. After the sun had gone down we headed back to the room to relax for our last night.







In the morning after we finished packing we headed to the beach for one last walk before we headed home.



I’m so glad I got to go on this girls trip! It was just what I needed after a crazy-hectic few days before. Relaxing on the beach just does something good to the soul.

Thanks for stopping by y’all!




Vintage Market Days of Lexington: Old Fashioned Summertime

Hey y’all!

If you’re a regular around here, you know what Vintage Market Days is and my obsession with them. See my posts about their previous events here and here.


VMD of Lexington had their third event over Memorial day weekend two weeks ago. In case you’re unfamiliar with VMD, they are “an upscale vintage-inspired market featuring original art, antiques, clothing, jewelry, handmade treasures, home décor, outdoor furnishings, consumable yummies, seasonal plantings and a little more.” There are over 100 vendors from 19 different states, so there is bound to be something for everybody! A portion of the proceeds go to Old Friends Farm in Georgetown, KY where they rescue old racehorses and give them a home.

The theme for this event was “Old Fashioned Summertime.” This was the display that was set up when you first walked in. I helped work the event on Friday taking people’s tickets and giving them wristbands. We even got to wear these adorable aprons!

I worked the event Friday
Sabrina, Betsy and me on Saturday

As usual, Friday is the “early buying event”. Tickets are $10 and are good for all weekend if you want to come back. Tickets for Saturday and Sunday are $5 and are also good for the remainder of the weekend. Friday and Saturday hours are 10am-5pm and Sunday is 10am-4pm. VMD is hosted at the Kentucky Horse Park in the covered arena, so even if it rains, it’s still on! Parking is $5, but is free if you come back and show your wristband.

I attended the event with my two best friends and my boyfriend, who was visiting Lexington for the first time. Eric and Mimi Griffith, the owners of the VMD Lexington franchise, were so kind to give me two tickets as a “thank you” for working for them the day prior. They put so much work into this event to make it amazing!

Each day the first 25 people in line get a bag full of coupons and other goodies. We were a part of the first 25 this time so we were excited to get those!

Going in I didn’t have anything specific in mind that I was looking to buy, just whatever popped out to me. Walking in, all of the booths were so beautiful! Here are some photos of the types of items the vendors sell:

Taken from the VMD Facebook page
Taken from the VMD Facebook page
Taken from the VMD Facebook page
Taken from the VMD Facebook page
Taken from the VMD Facebook page
Taken from the VMD Facebook page

One booth sold a wide variety of different flavors of coffee cakes that were absolutely delicious! Another sold worm castings as fertilizer (haha) and another drew pictures of your pets on the spot by simply looking at a photo.

I ended up buying a gorgeous studded white glass jar for $6.50 and a weathered wooden wall accent with metal detailing for $15. I should have bought more than one of those jars, they were so cute!


There were plenty of fantastic items for sale for everyone. All of the vendors were amazing and put so much work into getting set up. I would love to have my own booth at something like this one day! VMD of Lexington will be back in the fall for their fourth event October 26-28! I can’t wait to go for the fourth time!


Thanks for stopping by!




Best Places to Go Hiking in Kentucky

Hey y’all! Long time no see! Sorry about that; I just finished up my second-to-last semester about a week and a half ago and am now back home (I won’t be home much of the summer though.)

As summer is starting to kick off, I thought it would be fun to make a post about my favorite places to go hiking in Kentucky. Hiking is one of my favorite activities to do with my friends. You get to enjoy the beautiful nature that Kentucky has to offer as well as being active!

A couple things to keep in mind when going hiking:

  • Be mindful of the level of difficulty of trails offered as well as approximately how long they will take you to complete. Always overestimate the amount of time you block out for hiking by at least an hour. Something always seems to happen that makes it take longer than expected.
  • Be aware of what the weather has been like around that area from the past few days. It’s probably not a good idea to go hiking after it has been rainy. A lot of trails have hills and if they are muddy, it can be dangerous!
  • Dress appropriately for the weather and wear shoes with good tread. If it is hot outside, always pack plenty of water as well as snacks/lunch for along the way.
  • Always pick up any trash you may have. The slogan for most Kentucky State Parks is to “Leave No Trace.”
  • It’s best to always hike with a partner. You never know what could happen and if you’re by yourself with bad cell service, it won’t be good.

Okay now that we got that out of the way, let’s get started!

Natural Bridge

Location: 2135 Natural Bridge Rd. Slade, KY 40376 (just about an hour outside of Lexington)


This is one of my favorite places to go hiking! I don’t always get to go here very often since it’s an hour away, but I would definitely recommend it! There are plenty of trails for all levels. Pets are not allowed except for two trails.

Sabrina and I on Devil’s Staircase


The Natural Bridge


Location: Highway 21, Berea, KY 40403 (about 45 minutes outside of Lexington).

I will say that the address is very vague; when I went before, it was difficult to find. We had to stop at a podunk grocery store to ask for directions. Just be on the lookout for signs! This hiking spot is very nice, but there aren’t as many trail options as there are with the bigger parks. Pets are allowed, but must be kept on a leash.






Red River Gorge

Location: Stanton, KY 40380 (a little under an hour outside of Lexington).

The Red River Gorge also has a pretty vague address. If you look up the address online, it says it’s on Robbie Ridge Rd, but DO NOT go on this road. It’s at a very steep incline and it’s not even the correct entrance. Keep driving on Compton road until you start seeing signs for “Nada Tunnel-Red River Gorge” and follow those. You can read about our adventures at the Gorge here. There are plenty of trails to choose from here with a variety of difficulty levels. Pets are allowed, but must be kept on a leash.





Raven Run

Location: 3885 Raven Run Way, Lexington, KY 40515

This is a nice little spot in Lexington to get away from all the hustle and bustle. There are several trails to choose from Pets are not allowed on the trails.




Asbury Trails

Location: 740 Shanty Hill Rd. Wilmore, KY 40390 (about 20 minutes outside of Lexington)

If you aren’t paying close attention, you can easily miss the turn for this as well. You have to follow a very narrow road down to the trailhead, so be careful! This is also a nice little hiking spot right outside of Lexington. Pets are allowed as long as they are kept on a leash.


Sabrina and Betsy by the Kentucky River. We didn’t take my own advice and went hiking when it was muddy. We had to slide on our butts down a muddy hill lol




Image result for asbury trails wilmore ky

Thanks for stopping by y’all! Go out and enjoy the beauty that is Kentucky.