Apartment Christmas Decor

Hi friends!

Sorry I have been so MIA these last few months. This past semester of grad school really kicked my butt and I did not have a lot of free time to blog. But I survived the hardest semester of the program and I’m 2/5 of the way done with grad school!

If you’ve been here for a while, you know how much I love Christmas decor. Thanksgiving was so late this year we didn’t get a lot of time to enjoy the decorations before going home for the Holidays. I kept several of the same decorations that I’ve used in years past, but I also added a few new things as well. Let’s get started!

Let’s start in the living room:

Coffee table tray
These silver trees are from Walmart
I got these bottle brush trees last year from the Target dollar spot
This wreath is from Walmart and was only $10!
I painted the Tree Farm sign myself
I made several of these dried orange garlands to hang. The “recipe” is below.
These battery operated string lights are from Target
I love this white bottle brush tree garland! It’s also from Target
Mistletoe above my door from the Magnolia Hearth and Hand line
Large gold bottle brush tree also from Target
The flocked garland is from Walmart. I layered another dried orange garland over it.

In order to make the dried orange garland slice as many oranges as you want into quarter inch or half inch slices. Place on a baking sheet and heat at 250 degrees for 2-2.5 hours or until dried/burned how you like! The poke two holes on either side of each orange and string some twine through them.

While we made the dried orange garland, we threw this “potpourri” of scents in a pot of water and heated it up on the stove. The whole apartment smelled amazing!

Well that’s everything! I hope you love it as much as I do.

Hopefully I will have more free time to blog more often next semester. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and enjoys their time with friends and family.

Thanks for stopping by.


Grad School Apartment!

Hey y’all!

I know you have been patiently waiting to see my grad school apartment and how I decorated it – it’s finally ready to share! Grab a snack, find a comfy seat and let’s get started! The apartment came fully furnished, so we didn’t have to worry about all the big furniture items which was super nice!

I’ve shifted my personal style to a more neutral vibe with wood tones and soft textures that emit all the cozy vibes. You’ll definitely be able to see this when we get into my bedroom. Fair warning – there are a ton of pictures.

Let’s start with the living room.

I made this sign at a local painting/craft shop
Coasters are from Target
We had this random space here that we weren’t quite sure what to do with, but I think we made good use of it. We could still use something to fill the wall space.
We got all of these little pieces of decor from the clearance section of Big Lots and Joann’s.

Now into the kitchen.

This is one of my favorite signs. It’s from World Market.
Coffee area
This rug was 50% at Joann’s Fabrics. I got it for $15! It looks way darker online than it actually is. It’s a light grey in person.
Kitchen island/sink
We discussed potentially getting a cart and moving the coffee makers over here to make a coffee station, but that requires time and money, neither of which we have right now. So right now the mug holder is just here on the wall by itself!
My friend’s dad helped me build this!

Now on to my bedroom and bathroom!

See how I made this wreath here
I got this from a local shop back home at 90% off for $7!!!
Storage carts since my desk doesn’t have any drawers. I used marble scrapbook paper to cover the front to get it a more clean look. Woven baskets are from Target.
I added these photos later, which is why they aren’t in the picture above.
These prints are from Parabo Press. I got 20 prints for free – just had to pay shipping!
The floating picture ledges as well as the frames are from Target
I was absolutely obsessed with this lamp when I came across it. It gives off the perfect farmhouse/industrial vibe. I love the black with brass accents. The head is adjustable. Believe it or not, it’s from Walmart!
These prints were from Etsy. Check out my post about them here.
My beloved drop cloth curtains. Read how you can DIY them here.
The ultimate cozy shot. (That bulge is my body pillow)
I “macrame’d” this myself with thick yarn, but don’t ask me how I did it because it was so painstaking haha

And finally my bathroom.

Bathroom door
Unfortunately, the vanity doesn’t have drawers, just cabinet space, so I have to have a lot of things out on the counter.
Read about my DIY scrunchie holder here
I got this print from a local craft fair
Bath towels and shower rug are from Target
My shower curtain is from Overstock
Another print I have on the wall, opposite of the toilet

That’s everything! Did you last until the end? Props to you if you did.

I started classes on July 2nd and I start my position as the head athletic trainer at a high school at the end of the month. I’m super excited, but of course nervous as well. I just can’t wait to see what grad school brings in terms of growing and becoming a better clinician.

If you have any questions about sources and where things are from, feel free to comment below. Thanks for your continued support on the blog!


DIY Scrunchie Holder

Hello, hello!

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a good ‘ole fashioned DIY!

I’ve recently become obsessed with scrunchies and have grown my collection to 11. I was thinking about how I wanted a cute way to display them for the bathroom and I got to thinking about how I could make my own.

I got to thinking about how the shape of a paper towel holder would work perfectly! You could just easily go out and buy one from the store, but they cost anywhere from $15-$25. I constructed my own for about $3!

Let’s start with the materials. I purchased a wooden dowel (7/8″ x 12″) and a wooden circular base. The dowel came in a 2 pack and was a little more than $2 and the circular base was 84 cents. I already had wood glue, white paint and polycrylic.

This project is pretty simple as far as DIYs go. I just lightly sanded the edges of the base so that it was smooth to the touch. Then I applied wood glue to the end of the wooden dowel and stuck on it the base. I waited about 30 mins and then painted it white! After the paint dried for about an hour, I added a clear polycrylic to seal it. This will help give it a smoother finish and prevent any paint from chipping off onto the scrunchies.And ta da – all done!

This was probably one of the easier DIYs I’ve done and it’s so useful! You could also do this to make your own paper towel holder. I may do that with the extra dowel.

I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY. Be on the lookout for a post about my new apartment in the near future!


The Most Affordable Way to Have Art in your Home

Hey friends! Happy Friday!

Today I wanted to talk about how you can get affordable art for your home. How many times have you seen a great print that you love and then cringe at the price tag? No more! I discovered so many shops on Etsy that sell digital prints for such great prices! Prints usually range from $5-$7 and you get several sizes sent to you immediately to download. You can then print them at home for free or take the file to a printing service place like FedEx and have them print it for a few bucks. If you already have a frame then you just got an awesome piece of artwork for under $10! But even if you have to buy a frame, you don’t have to break the bank.

I bought several prints from HEARTSinCOLORS for my new apartment for grad school! They have such a great selection for many different styles. I bought several frames from Target for super cheap and got one from Hobby Lobby while it was 50%. You could even get some from the Dollar Tree if you just wanted something simple.

Here are all the prints I got in their frames!

This one is going in the bathroom

I’m planning on hanging some of them on these awesome picture ledges I got from Target.

Buying the digital version of a print is so much cheaper in the long run than buying it “as-is” or already framed. Plus, you can print as many copies as you want! I will for sure be buying digital prints from here on out.

I’m super excited to move into my new apartment at the end of June! I will definitely be sure to share it with y’all after I get it all decorated.



Skincare Routine/Product Review

Hey friends! It’s been a while. How have y’all been?

I wanted to do a post that’s a little different from my usual – and that’s skincare! This is a bit of a long post, so grab a cup of coffee or a snack and let’s get to it!

If you asked me if I had a skincare routine six months ago, I would have laughed and asked, does washing your face count? My college roommate became obsessed with skincare a while back and tried to get all of the housemates into it as well. For so long, I thought I didn’t need any skincare products – that my skin was fine. However, a few months ago I decided to just try it out.

I think the reason why I was hesitant to get started in skincare was that it seemed like a very expensive hobby. However, it doesn’t have to be at all. There are plenty of very affordable products out there that are still great quality! I’ll share with you the products I’ve been using for a few months now and my daily routine.

  1. OLE HENRIKSEN Balancing Force Oil Control Toner

This was the very first skincare purchase I made per the recommendation of my roommate. In her words, “it’s one of the best toners ever that’s affordable.” I think she would also say that toner is one of the most important parts of your skincare routine. Toners contain acid which kill all the bacteria and dead skin cells, making room for new skin cells. I originally got this to help get rid of white heads on either side of my chin. This toner completely got rid of all of them in just a few weeks! I was so impressed. The first time I used it I thought it smelled kind of bad, but I think it’s because I wasn’t use to the acidic smell. Now I don’t think it smells like anything. I also noticed a bit of redness and irritation whenever I applied my moisturizer or foundation when I first started using it, but after I used it for a while, the redness went down. I would 100% recommend this product to anyone just starting to get into the skincare realm.

2. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

I’ve only been using this for about 2 weeks, but I like it so far! I had previously been using Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser. The texture of the cleansers themselves are similar. The only thing I don’t like about Milky Jelly is that it doesn’t foam like the Neutrogena one; however, that isn’t a big deal. This was another product my roommate raved about.

3. Peach & Lily Citrus-Honey Aqua Glow Moisturizer

This moisturizer is so good for such a great price! It smells so good and leaves my skin feeling soft and glowy. I highly recommend this product! When I first started learning about skincare, I thought that if you had oily skin, you wouldn’t need to use moisturizer, because it would just make it worse. However, my roomie informed me that the reason your skin is producing oil is because it isn’t getting enough moisture, so if you start using a moisturizer, the oiliness will stop. WHO KNEW?!

4. OLE HENRIKSEN Transforming Walnut Scrub

This scrub exfoliates and cleanses pores and smells exactly like cookies!! I absolutely love this scrub. It leaves my face feeling clean and evens the texture of my skin.

5. OLE HENRIKSEN Truth Serum

I’m absolutely obsessed with the Truth collection from OLE. These products are enriched with vitamin C to help brighten, firm and make skin look younger. All of their Truth products smell like creamsicle! It comes in a pretty small bottle, but you use a very small amount each time, so it will last a long time.

6. OLE HENRIKSEN C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème

Another item from the Truth collection, this product provides 24 hour hydration while brightening skin as well. I got this as a sample with my points from Sephora (only 100 points to redeem) and have only used it about a week, but it’s OLE and from the Truth collection, so what’s not to love?

7. Glossier Zit Stick

This portable pen spot treatment can reduce redness and the size of acne in as little as three hours! I’ve used it several times and have seen a noticeable difference in the size of my acne. This can be used 3x a day.

8. Mario Badescu Aloe Moisturizer

My roommate gave this to me when she was minimizing her own collection. It is more creamy than most gel moisturizers I use, but I still like the way it feels on my skin.

OKAY… Now on to my daily routine! With skincare, you should have a morning and nighttime routine. I’m no expert, so I probably don’t do everything perfectly, but this is what has been working for me!

Morning routine:

  • If I shower in the morning, I use Cetaphil Gentle Foaming Cleanser. If I showered the night before, I start with the OLE HENRIKSEN Truth on the Glow Cleansing Cloths or Stay Balanced Oil Control Cleansing Cloths.
  • I follow that with the OLE Balancing Force Oil Control Toner. Simply wet a cotton round and apply in an upward circular motion all over your face.
  • Next, I apply the OLE Truth Serum all over my face, followed by the OLE C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème.
  • I then apply the Peach & Lily Citrus-Honey Aqua Glow Moisturizer all over my face. You only need about a pea-sized amount to get full coverage.
  • If I need a spot treatment, I use Glossier’s Zit Stick.

This only takes me about 10 minutes to do my whole routine and I’m ready for the day!

Nighttime routine:

  • If I’m not showering that night, I use Glossier Milky Jelly as my cleanser. Simply wet your face with lukewarm water and apply one pump of the cleanser thoroughly on your face in upward circular motions. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean towel.
  • I use the OLE Transforming Walnut Scrub 2-3x a week. Wet your face with lukewarm water and apply a small amount and gently rub into your skin, exfoliating in areas that need extra attention, like around your nose and chin. Be careful not to scrub too hard as the micro beads can rip off good skin cells too. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.
  • Next, I apply the OLE Balancing Force Oil Control Toner, the same as the morning.
  • I generally use the Mario Badescu Aloe Moisturizer at night.
  • I finish with the Zit Stick if I need spot treatment.

That’s it! I love starting and ending my day with my skincare routine. It de-stresses me and gets me ready for the day or for bed.

I also wanted to share some ways to save money when buying skincare.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I know it’s a little different from my usual posts, but it’s something I’ve really been enjoying lately, so I wanted to share it with y’all! If you have any questions, just comment below!

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. if you want more skincare product reviews/suggestions, go follow my roomie on Instagram!

Toho 528 Reveal

Hey y’all!

Classes started on Tuesday, which means a new school year is officially in swing. This is my last semester!! I still can’t believe that.

This year the same group of six girls from last year are living in an on-campus townhouse. It’s similar to the lodges that we lived in last year, but it’s two-story. As always, I had a blast decorating it and I can’t wait to share it with you! Let’s get started.

Unlike the lodges, the townhouse’s entry is on the outside, rather than on the inside like a hotel. Unfortunately, there isn’t a peep hole in the door. Instead there is a long, skinny window next to the door. However, nobody wants people to be able to see in their house all the time, so most people end up covering it. I found some paper with a shiplap design on it at Hobby Lobby, so I covered the window with that! I also purchased this super cute doormat from Walmart for only $8!! What a steal! The RA made the sign on the door.

The outside of our townhouse

I’m obsessed with our doormat!!

The shiplap-styled paper I put over the window

When you first enter the townhouse, the stairs are directly in front, with the living room and kitchen off to the left. Our living room is slightly smaller than last year, but it’s still a pretty good size. We have a similar set up with the couches and coffee table and end tables with the TV on the opposite wall. I put up the DIY drop cloth curtains on the window. If you want to know how I made them, click here.

The DIY mail/key organizer I made a while back. I put a faux plant, cotton stem and vintage book on the shelf

Couch against the wall with tissue paper tassels on twine


Coffee table, vignette and letter board

I used yellows in the vignette to give it a summery vibe

Side table/bookshelf


Olive bucket with faux lamb’s ear and cotton stems

A sign I painted at Cut and Paste back home

Other end table. I plan to put my blanket ladder in this corner as well. I forgot it at home.

I’ve since added a blue mason jar with flowers here as well.

TV stand area with some cotton stems and a topiary on a wooden stool

The other couch area. You can see the DIY drop cloth curtains here

Directly off the living room is the kitchen. There is pretty minimal decor in here since it’s so small and we have a lot of appliances we need counter space for. However, there is one of my favorite tea towels on the oven door and the “Fresh Baked Pies Served Daily” sign from World Market is hanging above the sink. Of course I have my Hearth and Hand by Magnolia cream and sugar cellars by my Keurig. Off of the kitchen is the washer and dryer. There isn’t really any decor in there, but you could easily hang some signs on the wall if you wanted. Hobby Lobby usually has a great selection of laundry signs.

Such a cute tea towel

These are plant printables from the Magnolia website. It’s hanging on the wall between the kitchen and living room. There’s also a pantry on this wall.

I love this sign!!

My Keurig with cream and sugar cellars from the Hearth and Hand line at Target

Kitchen table

My picket fence napkin holder sits here.

The oh-so-fancy laundry room

Mine and my roommate’s room is upstairs. This year each room gets their own bathroom, and we each get our own individual closet. Last year four of us had to share a bathroom, so that is a really nice change. I hung my “Get Naked” sign again, as well as the “Let’s Roll” sign my friend gave me. My decor for the bedroom is basically the same as every other year. I like to keep my room the same and change out the decor in other areas of the house like the living room.

This architectural arch hangs at the top of the stairs. I got it from a Vintage Market Days this summer

This simple banner hangs between the two bathrooms upstairs

This mini cotton wreath hangs on the door to our bathroom



This easy DIY wreath hangs on the door to our bedroom

My bed area. I hung lights with little white flowers on them and attached pictures with clothespins

My desk area


I’m really excited for my final semester and the memories it will bring. Thanks for stopping by!



IMG_8706 IMG_8708

Gotta have a first day of classes picture!

Easiest DIY Greenery Wreath

Hey y’all!

If you remember from last year, I made a post about a DIY floral wreath. It was good for a year, but I wasn’t loving it anymore. I wanted something that was more neutral and could be styled just about anywhere.

One of my favorite bloggers, Sarah at Little Vintage Nest, made a post about the easiest DIY wreath ever and I wanted to do something similar with a greenery garland! I found one at Hobby Lobby for $20 and with a 40% off coupon, it was even cheaper!


I kept the same grapevine base from the last wreath and just removed the flowers from it. This was so easy y’all. You literally just wrap the garland around the wreath base and secure it in few places with floral wire.


There was a little extra garland after I had wrapped it around once, so I cut off the extra and made little sprigs to fill in some places that were still a little bare. And that’s it! I told you it was easy. And it can go just about anywhere because of its neutral nature.


Once I got to school, I added this sign from Michael’s. I think it was the perfect touch to finish the look.


Have a great Saturday y’all!


10 Fun Christmas DIY Activities

Hi Friends!!

I survived finals week! I can’t believe I’m officially a senior now and I graduate a year from now… That’s a somewhat terrifying thought.

Now that classes are done, I can really focus on enjoying the holiday season. I wanted to put together a post of 10 fun Christmas DIY activities to help you do the same. So let’s get started!

  1. DIY Snowy Mason Jars — How beautiful are these?! The holly berries and sprigs of garland pull the whole thing together so well. Just add a tea light and you’re all set!
  2. DIY Christmas Sled Ornaments — These are so adorable! I definitely will be making these in the near future. You can use them as ornaments or just little decorative accents around the home. So simple and cute.
  3. Vintage Car with Tree Snow Globes — I am OBSESSED with this!!! I just love the whole red car with the tree on top Christmas theme. These would make such wonderful gifts; or you can make them for yourself. 😊
  4. DIY Tree Mason Jar Snow Globe —  More snow globes!! I actually made these for my friends and I last year and they loved them!! However, I will suggest not to put water in it. A few months later, the dye from the tree began to come off and made the water gross and dirty looking. So if you make them just leave the water out 😊
  5. DIY Mason Jar Lid Ornaments — If you have any random mason jar lids lying around this is the perfect use for them! I love the flannel, but you could use any design you wanted!
  6. DIY Wood Slice Ornaments — I also have some of these, but I did not make them myself. Maybe I will make some of my own next year! They’re super simple and tie in with the farmhouse style with the wood.How to make DIY chalkboard wood slice christmas ornaments. Super easy and a great handmade gift idea!
  7. Saran Wrap Ball Game — My roommate’s mom made one of these and sent it to us during finals week last year and we all loved it!! It’s so much fun and everybody gets prizes. This game is fun for all ages! It’s guaranteed to be a hit at your next holiday party. saran-wrap-ball-game
  8. Christmas Pretzel Buttons — These are one of my all-time favorite holiday treats. The saltiness from the pretzel and sweet from the Hershey kiss and MnM is the perfect combination. These are also simple enough that children can help make them!fullsizeoutput_22af
  9. Melted Snowman Oreo Balls — I’m also a sucker for Oreo balls. How cute are these snowman ones?! These are perfect for any children’s holiday party.
  10. Peppermint Crunch Ice Cream Pie — I love anything peppermint flavored during the holidays. My family made this last year and I think I ate 3/4 of it. It’s just so good—and not to mention easy!

That concludes my fun Christmas DIY activities! I hope you enjoyed this round up and will even participate in some this holiday season.

Take time to slow down and reflect on the reason for the season while enjoying time with friends and family.

Merry Christmas,


The junior class of our Athletic Training Program at our Christmas Party this past Sunday. We’re one big dysfunctional family. I’m the tree by the way 😂


Fall Decor & a DIY Pumpkin Makeover

Happy Fall y’all!

Friday officially marked the first day of fall—even if the weather didn’t seem to get the memo (it’s been 90 degrees the past few days.) Fall is my absolute favorite season. The leaves changing colors, blanket scarves, my birthday is during fall, I love fall activities such as going to orchards and baking fall goodies, and oh mini pumpkins!!! I love them to the point where its a little unhealthy.

Today I’m going to be sharing with y’all a little DIY I did on some Dollar Tree pumpkins as well as how I styled the lodge for fall. So without further ado, let’s get started!

I picked up some plastic mini pumpkins and gourds from the Dollar Tree with the idea of painting them in mind. I wanted to paint them a pastel green and a light grey. I know a lot of people might be thinking, why?? Pumpkins are orange! Well this is true, but there actually are some pumpkins that are white and light green. With the farmhouse look, orange pumpkins would stick out like a sore thumb. This is why I went for the more neutral colors.

This is what they looked like before

The chalk paint I used

The paint I used is from Michael’s. It’s called Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint in the shades Vintage and Yesteryear. It took several coats to completely cover the whole thing. The good thing about chalk paint is that it dries really quickly!






I didn’t like how the plastic stem made it look so fake, so I took it off and found some sticks outside and broke them to the length I wanted and hot glued it on! I think it makes it look much better!!!

After they were all painted, I removed the plastic stems

Here is the final product:

After I hot glued sticks on for the stems (much more real looking!)

I also got this large pastel orange pumpkin from TJ Maxx for $17.99. They also had a pastel green one that I loved, but I just couldn’t buy two and I already had the green color on my mini ones.


Last Saturday, Fairmount was having a cute little market, so my friend Andi and I went. One booth was selling white mini pumpkins for $1 and I almost keeled over right there. I told Andi to give me a limit or I would literally buy like 20. She told me three. I stuck to it even though I wanted to buy more. I was in such a good mood for the rest of the day. I LOVE MINI PUMPKINS!!!


Yesterday, a few of my friends and I went to Jacob’s Family Orchard in New Castle, IN. I love going to orchards during the fall. They make me so happy! There was a beautiful sunflower field that we took photos in. They had free samples of apple cider donuts as well as apple cider slushes. We picked out some pumpkins as well. I got two more white mini pumpkins for only 75 cents! (I don’t have a problem.) Everything was very fall-esque except for the weather. It was 90 degrees and we were SWEATING. So the apple cider slushes definitely helped cool us down. I’m so excited to go to more orchards this fall season!





Now I will show y’all how I decorated my collection of pumpkins around the lodge:






I love the pumpkins stacked on one another in the glass dome. So cute!!




The sunflower bucket I talked about in this post!

On the tv stand




That’s it! The lodge is so much happier with all the pumpkins around. Fall is just getting started and I can’t wait to see what the rest of it holds!

Thanks for stopping by,




DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

Good morning friends. Happy weekend!

Raise your hand if you like curtains.🙋🏼 Raise your hand if you like inexpensive curtains.🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼 I’m not sure why, but window treatments can be SO expensive!! So today I’m going to share a tutorial on how to make these AMAZING drop cloth curtains with y’all! These are so simple, inexpensive and look great! (Added bonus: the canvas material is a neutral tone, so if you’re trying to go for the farmhouse/Joanna Gaines look like me, these are absolutely perfect!)

Here are the items you will need:

  • 2 packs of canvas drop cloths
  • 2 packs of drapery rings
  • Tension rod if you can’t damage the walls or a regular curtain rod (make sure whatever type of rod you use fits your window)
  • Command hooks that can hold 5lbs if using tension rod (I used 3 to be safe)

Let’s get started!

If you are using a regular curtain rod that you screw into the wall, you can skip this step: figure out how far you want the rod to extend from both sides of the window and then place pencil marks on the wall a few inches in from that. This is going to be where the Command hooks will go on the ends. Measure from the ceiling to where the top of the Command hook will be to ensure that they are the same height. Then do the same thing in the middle. Expand the tension rod and place it on the Command hooks. Put your drapery rings on either side of the rod.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures from this step. My dad was helping me set it up during move in and things were a little crazy because I had to be at a meeting at 7 so we were on a time crunch.

Now that the rod is hung up, you can begin on the drop cloths! When you take them out of the packaging they are going to be wrinkled and creased from where it was folded. In order to get these out, throw them in the washer and dryer. They’re still going to be a little wrinkled when they come out, but the major creases will be gone for the most part.

Let’s get these wrinkles and creases out!

When I took them out of the dryer, I just draped them over my shoulder and it created a nice coat lol

The next step is slightly tedious, but necessary. Grab an iron and put on your favorite Netflix show and go to town ironing out both drop cloths. Drape the drop cloth you aren’t working on at the moment over a couch so it doesn’t get more wrinkled. They aren’t going to get completely unwrinkled, but they will look much better!

These are the wrinkles left after they came out of the dryer. Let’s get those bad boys out!

I watched Gilmore Girls while I ironed

Drape the drop cloths over a couch so they don’t get more wrinkled!

Once you’re finished with this step, comes what I think is the hardest step (at least to all the perfectionists out there.) Fold over the top part of the curtain until it is the height that it won’t drag on the floor when it is hung up. Start with one end and then bring the other end over to ensure they are the same height. Then use the rest of the drapery rings to clip them spaced evenly.

Clip the drapery ring on the fabric. Easy peasy!

I folded the edge of the cloth on the end rings so that it gave it a more finished look than just the edge of the drop cloth showing.

Line up the edges of the folded part on the opposite end to make sure they are the same length

If you use Command hooks, slide the last ring over the hook so that it won’t slide off the end.

You can hang them however you want. I folded mine over and made “pleats” in the fabric or you can just clip them and let it flow like my favorite blogger, Sarah @ Little Vintage Nest did (where I got the inspiration to do mine.)

I folded mine so that it gave it a “pleated” look

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 9.05.34 AM
Sarah’s are more ruffled. Hers look great, but when I tried to make mine look like that, it didn’t look right. But she is perfect so everything she does looks amazing. I think this style works better if you have more space to work with.

Now that you have one up, repeat the same process for the other side!

One side is done! (Sorry for the huge glare, I should have closed the blinds lol)


You would think that it would be pretty straightforward and simple from here, however, I am convinced that even though the packaging said they were the same size, that one of my drop cloths was slightly bigger than the other because I hung the other side up so that the bottom wasn’t dragging on the floor and the folded part was way shorter than the other side! And if I made the folded part the same length, one side would be dragging on the ground. It didn’t make any sense to me.

Both sides up, but oops! The folded over part on the right side is way longer. Gotta fix that!

I liked the length of the left side better so I attempted to make the right side even. I arranged and rearranged and took it off and put it on the floor and tried to get it even with the other side probably 15 times. My neck was killing me because I was straining to look up while standing on a chair trying to fix them! I even took off one of the drapery rings to see if the larger spacing helped. It definitely looked better! So I only used 6 of the 7 drapery rings that came in the pack on both sides.

I tried laying it on the floor, to see if that helped. It didn’t.

This is with all 7 drapery rings. The “pleats” just look too close together. Not at all what I wanted!

I finally asked some of the girls on my football rotation if they could come over and help me and it literally took 5 minutes!! I made the folded part longer than the other side and then folded a couple inches from the top over the back so that they were the same length and it wasn’t dragging on the ground! The folded part is a little less than two feet in length. I think the main reason why I was struggling was because I was trying to do it by myself and it’s so much easier to have other people available to help hold things up while you’re doing one side. Thank you girls!!

With 6 drapery rings, and the folded parts are even! Its a miracle!

I apologize for the lighting being so poor. There isn’t an overhead light in the living room area (why? I’m not sure) so one of my roommates is bringing a lamp stand when they move in.

They really make the space so much more homey! (you’re welcome for the sneak peak of the lodge!)

I’m so pleased with how they turned out and for only $11 a panel, it’s so affordable!! I want these curtains in every room of my house when I get my own place. The arranging is the only hard part, but it’s a necessary evil to getting them to look the way you want.

I hope your summers are ending on a great note. I’m so excited for fall! It’s my favorite season and my birthday is during fall, but fall means that it will be winter soon and winters in Indiana are not so great. Oh well, I’ll just enjoy the weather until then.

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