About Me!

Hi, I’m Alyssa!

I’m from Lexington, KY and am a graduate student and the Head Athletic Trainer at a high school! I’m obsessed with all things farmhouse/vintage decor. I’ll be talking about some of those things along with some other events happening in my life. Welcome to my blog!


2 thoughts on “About Me!”

  1. Alyssa, hello my name is Tamatha Huston . My friend Liz Fourez just sent me a link to your blog page posted Aug 24 . The Blog regarding your Friday Favorites with comments about “Love Grows Wild “ by Liz Fourez and Hidden Possibilities by Tamatha Huston. I was so surprised to see your sweet thoughts and post about our two shops in Kokomo Indiana. My shop has only been open for four months. I have a lot of ideas still in the works for my little shop. Your comments and your blog has encouraged me to keep heading down this path and to listen to my inter self . I appreciate your great post and support for our little shops in Kokomo, Indiana. I just wanted to thank you for all the sweet words. Sincerely Tamatha Huston

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