Grad School Apartment!

Hey y’all!

I know you have been patiently waiting to see my grad school apartment and how I decorated it – it’s finally ready to share! Grab a snack, find a comfy seat and let’s get started! The apartment came fully furnished, so we didn’t have to worry about all the big furniture items which was super nice!

I’ve shifted my personal style to a more neutral vibe with wood tones and soft textures that emit all the cozy vibes. You’ll definitely be able to see this when we get into my bedroom. Fair warning – there are a ton of pictures.

Let’s start with the living room.

I made this sign at a local painting/craft shop
Coasters are from Target
We had this random space here that we weren’t quite sure what to do with, but I think we made good use of it. We could still use something to fill the wall space.
We got all of these little pieces of decor from the clearance section of Big Lots and Joann’s.

Now into the kitchen.

This is one of my favorite signs. It’s from World Market.
Coffee area
This rug was 50% at Joann’s Fabrics. I got it for $15! It looks way darker online than it actually is. It’s a light grey in person.
Kitchen island/sink
We discussed potentially getting a cart and moving the coffee makers over here to make a coffee station, but that requires time and money, neither of which we have right now. So right now the mug holder is just here on the wall by itself!
My friend’s dad helped me build this!

Now on to my bedroom and bathroom!

See how I made this wreath here
I got this from a local shop back home at 90% off for $7!!!
Storage carts since my desk doesn’t have any drawers. I used marble scrapbook paper to cover the front to get it a more clean look. Woven baskets are from Target.
I added these photos later, which is why they aren’t in the picture above.
These prints are from Parabo Press. I got 20 prints for free – just had to pay shipping!
The floating picture ledges as well as the frames are from Target
I was absolutely obsessed with this lamp when I came across it. It gives off the perfect farmhouse/industrial vibe. I love the black with brass accents. The head is adjustable. Believe it or not, it’s from Walmart!
These prints were from Etsy. Check out my post about them here.
My beloved drop cloth curtains. Read how you can DIY them here.
The ultimate cozy shot. (That bulge is my body pillow)
I “macrame’d” this myself with thick yarn, but don’t ask me how I did it because it was so painstaking haha

And finally my bathroom.

Bathroom door
Unfortunately, the vanity doesn’t have drawers, just cabinet space, so I have to have a lot of things out on the counter.
Read about my DIY scrunchie holder here
I got this print from a local craft fair
Bath towels and shower rug are from Target
My shower curtain is from Overstock
Another print I have on the wall, opposite of the toilet

That’s everything! Did you last until the end? Props to you if you did.

I started classes on July 2nd and I start my position as the head athletic trainer at a high school at the end of the month. I’m super excited, but of course nervous as well. I just can’t wait to see what grad school brings in terms of growing and becoming a better clinician.

If you have any questions about sources and where things are from, feel free to comment below. Thanks for your continued support on the blog!



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I'm from Lexington, KY, go to school at Indiana Wesleyan University ('18) and am studying Athletic Training! I'm obsessed with all things farmhouse/vintage decor and I am an advocate for Destiny Rescue, a nonprofit organization that strives to free young girls from the sex trade. Welcome to my blog!

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