Farmhouse Style Bathrooms

Happy Monday friends!

Just because the bathroom isn’t necessarily the most glamorous room in the house doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish! I found a really great guide on Pinterest about the usual pieces that go into a farmhouse style bathroom. Take a look below!


Below are some examples of these elements being used:


I love the ladder with the caddy for storage. The mirror is gorgeous as well.
This bathroom is very calming. Lots of neutrals and wood tones, make it a relaxing space.


I’m obsessed with this distressed wood cabinet. GORGEOUS!
This antique dresser turned into a vanity is so beautiful and has plenty of room for storage!

I hope this provided y’all with plenty of inspiration for your bathroom design!




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I'm from Lexington, KY, go to school at Indiana Wesleyan University ('18) and am studying Athletic Training! I'm obsessed with all things farmhouse/vintage decor and I am an advocate for Destiny Rescue, a nonprofit organization that strives to free young girls from the sex trade. Welcome to my blog!

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