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Hey y’all!

Classes started on Tuesday, which means a new school year is officially in swing. This is my last semester!! I still can’t believe that.

This year the same group of six girls from last year are living in an on-campus townhouse. It’s similar to the lodges that we lived in last year, but it’s two-story. As always, I had a blast decorating it and I can’t wait to share it with you! Let’s get started.

Unlike the lodges, the townhouse’s entry is on the outside, rather than on the inside like a hotel. Unfortunately, there isn’t a peep hole in the door. Instead there is a long, skinny window next to the door. However, nobody wants people to be able to see in their house all the time, so most people end up covering it. I found some paper with a shiplap design on it at Hobby Lobby, so I covered the window with that! I also purchased this super cute doormat from Walmart for only $8!! What a steal! The RA made the sign on the door.

The outside of our townhouse
I’m obsessed with our doormat!!
The shiplap-styled paper I put over the window

When you first enter the townhouse, the stairs are directly in front, with the living room and kitchen off to the left. Our living room is slightly smaller than last year, but it’s still a pretty good size. We have a similar set up with the couches and coffee table and end tables with the TV on the opposite wall. I put up the DIY drop cloth curtains on the window. If you want to know how I made them, click here.

The DIY mail/key organizer I made a while back. I put a faux plant, cotton stem and vintage book on the shelf
Couch against the wall with tissue paper tassels on twine


Coffee table, vignette and letter board
I used yellows in the vignette to give it a summery vibe
Side table/bookshelf


Olive bucket with faux lamb’s ear and cotton stems
A sign I painted at Cut and Paste back home
Other end table. I plan to put my blanket ladder in this corner as well. I forgot it at home.
I’ve since added a blue mason jar with flowers here as well.
TV stand area with some cotton stems and a topiary on a wooden stool
The other couch area. You can see the DIY drop cloth curtains here

Directly off the living room is the kitchen. There is pretty minimal decor in here since it’s so small and we have a lot of appliances we need counter space for. However, there is one of my favorite tea towels on the oven door and the “Fresh Baked Pies Served Daily” sign from World Market is hanging above the sink. Of course I have my Hearth and Hand by Magnolia cream and sugar cellars by my Keurig. Off of the kitchen is the washer and dryer. There isn’t really any decor in there, but you could easily hang some signs on the wall if you wanted. Hobby Lobby usually has a great selection of laundry signs.

Such a cute tea towel
These are plant printables from the Magnolia website. It’s hanging on the wall between the kitchen and living room. There’s also a pantry on this wall.
I love this sign!!
My Keurig with cream and sugar cellars from the Hearth and Hand line at Target
Kitchen table
My picket fence napkin holder sits here.
The oh-so-fancy laundry room

Mine and my roommate’s room is upstairs. This year each room gets their own bathroom, and we each get our own individual closet. Last year four of us had to share a bathroom, so that is a really nice change. I hung my “Get Naked” sign again, as well as the “Let’s Roll” sign my friend gave me. My decor for the bedroom is basically the same as every other year. I like to keep my room the same and change out the decor in other areas of the house like the living room.

This architectural arch hangs at the top of the stairs. I got it from a Vintage Market Days this summer
This simple banner hangs between the two bathrooms upstairs
This mini cotton wreath hangs on the door to our bathroom



This easy DIY wreath hangs on the door to our bedroom
My bed area. I hung lights with little white flowers on them and attached pictures with clothespins
My desk area


I’m really excited for my final semester and the memories it will bring. Thanks for stopping by!



IMG_8706 IMG_8708

Gotta have a first day of classes picture!


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