The Best Places to Find Farmhouse Style Decor

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Today I’m going to be sharing the best places to find farmhouse style decor. When you’re first getting into the farmhouse style trend, it can be difficult to know where to look. I know when I first started I was clueless.

Let’s get started!

One of my favorite places to find farmhouse style decor is Hobby Lobby. They have an entire farmhouse style section and I love every square inch of it. Obviously everything aren’t true antiques, but not everything in your collection needs to be authentic vintage. A good mix of genuine vintage and “mass-produced” vintage is fine. The best part about Hobby Lobby is their prices! Most of them are pretty reasonable, but even if it’s more expensive than you’re wanting to pay, they always have a 40% off coupon on their website. Many times they also have 50% all home decor or 50% of all wood or metal decor items (which is exactly what farmhouse style is, so jackpot!)




A few things that I’ve bought from Hobby Lobby are a galvanized olive bucket, an assortment of floral stems (cotton stems, sunflowers, etc.,) a barn wood frame and a letter board.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 6.50.45 PM

I bought the print inside from somewhere else, but the frame is from Hobby Lobby!
Keurig not included 🙂

Overall, Hobby Lobby is a great place to find farmhouse style decor if you’re just wanting  general decor items (i.e. not an antique hutch) on a budget! Go check out your local Hobby Lobby and see what you stumble upon!

The next place on our list is garage sales. Now this might sound a little sketchy, but trust me, you may stumble upon something you unexpectedly love! The best part about garage sales is that basically everything is dirt cheap. So those vintage dining room chairs you have been searching for may turn up in someone’s front yard for $5 a piece. You may even discover a cool story about them from the owner. Most neighborhoods have a whole weekend for garage sales so grab your shopping buddy and make a day out of it!

This past summer I was looking for a blanket ladder to put in the lodge. I had seen several at the Vintage Market that was going on that weekend for $25 a piece, which isn’t necessarily a bad price, but I wanted to see if I could find something for a little cheaper. My mom and I happened to be out driving around while there were several garage sales going on. I looked down one street and saw a ladder on the side of the road and I made my mom turn around so we could check it out. It seemed to be in pretty good shape and was only $10 (way better than $25!) so I immediately bought it. I couldn’t believe that I found one. I also got several old hardback books for $1 a piece and some terra cotta pots for free (the owner was just trying to get rid of everything by that point.)



So next time your neighborhood is having a garage sale weekend, go explore! You may be surprised by what you might find.


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Our next stop is local antique shops! These places are great if you’re looking for bigger ticket items like furniture. The prices can be a little high here because they are true antiques. Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price down a little. The worst they can say is no! If you aren’t aware of any antique shops in your town, just do a Google search and I’m sure you’ll find plenty. I had no idea there were so many in my hometown. They can be a little overwhelming because of the shear amount of things that are in them, but if you go in looking for something specific, it makes it a lot easier! You may even discover the history behind the piece you purchase if you ask.



I bought this adorable picket fence napkin holder and mini wooden stool at an antique shop in La Grange, KY.


Finally, the best place to find farmhouse style items in my opinion is vintage markets. These events usually have tons of vendors with a large assortment of antique items from big to small. Vintage Market Days tours around the country and has some great booths! These vendors spend months searching for antique items to include in their booth. They’re having their next event in Lexington May 25-27 at the Kentucky Horse Park. I absolutely love this event and you should definitely check it out if you’ve never been! You can buy tickets here.


Michaels, Target and TJ Maxx also have farmhouse style decor from time to time and are worth checking out, but aren’t necessarily the best places to start.

Well, that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed this compilation of places to find farmhouse style decor. Stop and visit them the next time you’re out and about and see what treasures you can find!




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I'm from Lexington, KY, go to school at Indiana Wesleyan University ('18) and am studying Athletic Training! I'm obsessed with all things farmhouse/vintage decor and I am an advocate for Destiny Rescue, a nonprofit organization that strives to free young girls from the sex trade. Welcome to my blog!

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