Vintage Market Days: Bushel and a Peck!

Hey friends! Long time no see!! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted. Life as a full-time college student can get a little crazy, especially with midterms, group projects happening and finals right around the corner!

I’m sure y’all have been waiting to read another post so let’s get started!

This past weekend was the second Vintage Market Days of Lexington event. They had another event this spring, you can read about here!Β When I found out they were having another event in the fall, I was beyond excited! This kind of stuff is my jam so I am always looking for another shop or event where I can stock up on my vintage goodies.

The theme for the fall show was “Bushel and a Peck.” How cute is that name?! It just seems so sweet and southern to me and really captures the essence of the event. It was hosted at the Kentucky Horse Park in the covered arena on October 20-22 (Friday-Sunday). That weekend was actually my fall break from school, so it worked out perfectly! I had to stay at school all Friday for an athletic training obligation, so I attended the event on Saturday. Eric and Mimi Griffith are the owners and were so kind to send me some tickets to the Saturday show for free. Thank you so much!!!

I didn’t have any ideas in mind of what I was looking for, but I knew I would find something I loved. I love it when an item jumps out at you that you absolutely love and didn’t know you needed, but now you must have!

Sabrina, Betsy and I arrived around 2pm on Saturday. There was hardly any line to get in, which was great. We just handed over our tickets, were given wristbands, and we were on our merry way!

When you first entered, there was a very cute display where you could take pictures. Here is the one of us!


The arena was filled with vendors from all over the country! We walked around and looked at all the wonderful booths. There were some really great items! The beautifully detailed chair below caught my eye and when I looked at the price tag, I was floored. It was only $25!!! That my friend, is a steal. I seriously debated on getting it for a while, but ultimately decided against it, because 1. I’m a college student and have no need for it at the moment (that’s what my friends said, I could find a need for it lol) and 2. I think it would be really fun to find an unfinished chair and paint and distress myself. So sadly, I left the amazing chair behind. I hope someone else bought it because it really was a beautiful chair for a great price!


We continued on our quest for vintage treasures. I found these AWESOME corbels for 2 for $25! (If you have no idea what corbels are, like every other person I’ve talked to about them, they are usually wooden, sometimes metal, triangular shaped pieces that you put in a doorway. True corbels are use for support but some are simply for decorative purposes. Anybody who watches Fixer Upper knows what I’m talking about.) Anyway, I immediately picked them up because usually vintage corbels can go for $40 or more each. The booth had a mix of blue and white ones and of course I picked white. The owner was even so kind to tie them together with twine to make it easier to carry. What an awesome buy!



There were several other things that I wanted to buy, but ultimately ended up not getting. There were a variety of adorable pillow covers that I loved! One was fall themed and the other was Christmas themed. I almost bought the Christmas one, but noticed that the printing was a little messed up, so unfortunately, I didn’t buy it. The fall one was a little more than I was willing to spend. I have seen very similar ones to these on Etsy before, so I thought I would just buy them from there eventually. Here are some examples:




Sabrina and Betsy both bought some delicious fudge from a vendor. I just got some free samples πŸ™‚ That was their reward for me dragging them to events like this, haha. Thanks guys, you rock. Betsy also bought some really cute, small, knit pumpkins for her mom. Sabrina also got a gift for her mom for Christmas, which I won’t share in case you’re reading this Kim πŸ˜‰

The knit pumpkins Betsy bought

Overall, it was a spectacular event! We all had a wonderful time and were pleased with the items we bought. Here are some pictures of other items vendors were selling:








As you can see, there were plenty of great items for sale! There were fall items as well as Christmas ones, food, clothing, decorations, greenery, signs, and true antique pieces. There was something for everybody! The Vintage Market has become one of my favorite events and I look forward to their next show (they haven’t released a date yet, but when they do, I will include it here!)

Thanks for dropping by today; be on the lookout for another post soon!

Much love,




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I'm from Lexington, KY, go to school at Indiana Wesleyan University ('18) and am studying Athletic Training! I'm obsessed with all things farmhouse/vintage decor and I am an advocate for Destiny Rescue, a nonprofit organization that strives to free young girls from the sex trade. Welcome to my blog!

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