How to Style a Coffee Table Vignette

Happy Thursday y’all!

A coffee table vignette is a fun and easy way to incorporate home decor on a budget and look great too! There are endless many ways you can style a vignette, so let’s get started!


There are five main things that you should keep in mind when styling a vignette:

  1. Tray
  2. Elevation
  3. Greenery
  4. Books
  5. Trinkets

First let’s start with the tray. This creates a boundary for your pieces. Without the tray, your table just looks cluttered. There are lots of different types of trays: wooden, plastic, wicker, metal, etc. The type/color of tray you pick depends on how you want it to look on your table or what style you’re going for. I got my tray at the Vintage Market for $25. Since my coffee table has a dark finish, I wanted my tray to be lighter to have contrast. See the difference with and without the tray:

Without the tray the table looks messy
The tray groups all the pieces nicely!

The next element is elevation. This creates a sense of dimension and is far less boring than if everything were the same height. Elevation can be achieved in a few different ways. One is obviously having pieces that are different heights. If you have pieces that you have your heart set on using for the vignette, but are all the same height, you can create “faux elevation” by stacking items. For example, putting a mason jar on top of a stack of books next to a lantern. Having two or more different elevations is ideal. I got the lantern at JoAnn’s Fabrics for $20 (it was originally $40!) I already had the LED candle inside which was from Target.


Up next is greenery! Whether it’s real or not, having some greenery will brighten up any vignette and bring the whole piece together. My personal favorite are succulents (I’ve only killed one of two so far!) The terra cotta pot is from an estate sale that I got for free! (it was the original terra cotta orange so I painted it a light blue and used sandpaper to scuff it up a little) I got my succulents from Kings Gardens for $8 and the dark pink flowers are from Dollar Tree. I got the dome and cotton stems from the Vintage Market. The mint julep cup is from Bargain Hunt ($5) and the light pink flowers are from JoAnn’s Fabrics. While I was cutting some floral wire for the flower bouquet, I accidentally cut my finger. It wasn’t very big but I couldn’t tell how deep it was. I didn’t end up needing stitches, but I was 30 minutes late to work (crafting can get pretty serious sometimes, lol.) See some greenery examples below:

Multiple “greenery” options (only the succulent is living.) I’m planning on putting a wood circle underneath the wood dome
After I got the blood cleaned up from cutting my finger

Books are the next piece that bring the vignette together. They can be cute, coffee table books that you plan for your guests to thumb through or old books that are simply for looks. You can even paint old hardcover books to give them a fresh look! I got mine from an estate sale for $1 each. Magazines can work too, but you should at least have one actual book. I actually just bought The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines and I absolutely cannot wait until it comes in so I can read it all in one sitting! I love that family so much. So I might use that in my vignette at some point.



Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 9.08.08 PM
Cute coffee table books
Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 9.39.18 PM
Painted books from my fave farmhouse blogger Sarah at Little Vintage Nest! I love the piece of lace that ties them together so beautifully (figuratively and literally)
The old books that I have

Last but not least are trinkets. There are tons of varieties of trinkets out there so this is where you can have some fun. Whether it’s a little dish or figurine, trinkets add the finishing touch to your coffee table vignette. I got the blue bird from Queen Bee Gifts (I LOVE THIS PLACE!) for $8 or $9 I believe. The horse shoe was $5 from Feather Your Nest. I used to have several from the horse camp I went to for several years when I was younger and I wish I would have kept them! Oh well. The gold hexagonal figurine was $2 at Tuesday Morning. The Kentucky shaped item is actually a cookie cutter. I wasn’t planning on using it for my vignette, but when I was grabbing items that I could possibly use for this post, I saw it and thought “hm, that could work.” I probably won’t use it at school because none of my other roommates are from Kentucky. It is a cute way to add a personal touch though.

Cute trinket options

Overall, make the vignette yours! Add pieces that are part of your personality. And lastly, have fun with it! If you’re not happy with how the vignette looks, change it up! Move things around every once in a while. Mix it up at the start of a new season or when you’re getting bored with it. See multiple options below:


Have fun styling!



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