Be You!

Hey y’all! Hope the start to your summers are treating you right.

I just wanted to make a quick little post before I head to work for the day about being yourself when it comes to beauty.

It’s no secret that girls are under a ton of pressure from the media to look a certain way. Slim super models on the cover of almost every magazine in the grocery store check out line seem to look at me disapprovingly with my armful of chocolate and ingredients to make guacamole (my fave!)

From perfume commercials to TV shows like America’s Next Top Model to songs that talk about beautiful women, the pressure to conform to America’s standard of “beauty” is immense. These forms of media have a significant impact on young girls especially.

I’ve never been very comfortable with the way my body looks, but recently I’ve tried not to compare myself to others, because they’re not me. God made me exactly how He intended me to be, which is beautiful in His eyes. Therefore, I should see myself in the same way.

I’ll admit I could hold off on the chocolate and guac a little, but as long as I’m confident in myself, others will see the confidence and maybe use it for themselves.

When it comes to makeup, I’ve never worn a lot, but if I do, it’s all natural looking. A couple months back though, I became interested in makeup more, so I bought a few things I didn’t have and even considered buying the Naked3 palette.

However, now, I have been going practically barefaced almost everyday. I’m not sure if it’s just because it’s summer and I have work every day or I’ve just gotten lazy, but if I do wear makeup, it’s literally just mascara and eyebrow powder (gotta love my ginger eyelashes/brows.) And you know what?? I don’t care what other people think about how I look. If a cute boy comes through the drive thru, I don’t think “Oh, I wish I would have put more makeup on today.” I’ve been single for over two years now, so its allowed me to rethink my view on the way guys view me. If they don’t like me with hardly any makeup on, they don’t deserve me when I do wear it. I want someone to like me for me, especially when I first wake up in the morning and am not coherent (lol when I tried to take an order that I thought was mine at North Lime Donuts this morning, but wasn’t.) One thing I do really like about myself is my freckles and they really show during the summer. If I wear foundation, they get covered up, and why would I cover up something that compliments me? (By the way, I never bought that Naked3 palette because who wants to spend over $50 on that?)

Also, if y’all don’t know, I go to private Christian school in Indiana where my class’ ratio of girls to guys is 5:1. That’s not a joke. The overall ratio is 4:1 so there are obviously more girls on campus and the majority of them dress nicely or curl their hair almost every day. And here I am in Nike shorts and a sweatshirt with my hair in a messy bun because I woke up late (funny story, I slept through a presentation I was supposed to give at 7:50AM at the end of last semester and one of my friends in the class (shoutout Abby Manwell) had to come bang on my door to wake me up. I threw some business professional clothes on and ran out the door. Didn’t do my hair, didn’t do my makeup. Showed up to class, presented with my group like a boss and went back to bed.) Anyway, a majority of the girls look so good everyday and I’m like “who has the time or energy to do that?” Them, that’s who! Some people are early birds and can get up on time to look nice and feel confident about themselves, don’t judge them for that.

So, all that to say, when it comes to makeup or fashion or whatever the latest trend is, be you! This means if you like to wear a full face of makeup every day, then do it girl! I’m not shaming anyone who likes makeup by any means. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and do it for yourself and nobody else.



My every day look for the past few weeks. Only wearing mascara and eyebrow powder (peep the pimple on my forehead, show it girl.) Haven’t touched my hair at all.

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I'm from Lexington, KY, go to school at Indiana Wesleyan University ('18) and am studying Athletic Training! I'm obsessed with all things farmhouse/vintage decor and I am an advocate for Destiny Rescue, a nonprofit organization that strives to free young girls from the sex trade. Welcome to my blog!

2 thoughts on “Be You!”

  1. I love love loved this post! I’ve been trying the no makeup thing for the past few weeks of summer as well and I totally agree, so freeing!! Thank you for the encouragement sweet friend!!

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